With over 3000 active customers, we are the #1 name in FFL Bound Books.  Here are some of the Testimonials from our customers.  See what they have to say about us.

"We started using Logbooks For Guns about 3 years, we are very happy with the system.  We have looked at many other bound book software systems, and found the best value from Logbooksforguns.com.  

The system complies with all of the ATF requirements of move to electronic bound books, but they didn't stop there.  If you are looking to move make sure to check them out.  With the best price, most features, and the best customer service, why would you not want make your ATF audits easier, make the move we did." -  AWC Systems Technology

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"Thank you Logbooks For Guns for the great system.  You have made my life a lot simpler, since moving over to your system, we have saved time, money, and have less errors in entries.  ATF was very happy with our logbooks!!" - Chris

"One of the selling feature that we like verses the other competition, is that they don't have the cookie cutter system.  Logbooks for Guns allows us to add as many bound books as we need.  As a manufacturer we need this ability to operate.  Also the customer services is quick.  Thanks again for the help." -  Josh

"After moving over to this system, we have cut cost, time, and man power.  We now can receive a firearm in, produce all of our packing slips, shipping labels, and log the firearm back out in under 5 mins per gun.  This has streamlined our business.  

When ATF calls for traces on firearms, we can pull the records directly up and give them the information quickly."  - Trent

"I am a small gun shop with maybe 50 guns on our books, one of the reasons why we made the change to Electronic log books was due to ATF scrutinizing some of our handwritten entries.  Since we have changed over, we have had one audit with ATF, lets just say they were very pleased."  - John

"I have been using Logbooks For Guns for over 2 years now.  I feel safe and secure with all of my data.  I refer all of my friends with FFLs to join.  It save me time, money and less errors.  Thanks Guys"  -  Chad B

"We have tried other Logbook Programs, we have found that with Logbooks For Guns they have the best features and pricing!"  - Nicholas

"You have the best customer service!  Thank you for all of the help."  -  Steve B

"We were referred over from our ATF office to find an electronic A&D Book.  We found Logbooks For Guns and have been happy."  - George 

"We had been hand writing entries for over 20 years and were a little reluctant to move over to an electronic system, but after doing so we found that we saved time and got through audit quicker."  - Mike B 

"We have 4 stores on Logbooks For Guns and have never looked back.  If you are looking for the best A&D software, then look no further."  - John W

"If you are looking to move to an electronic system, stop looking and start using Logbooks For Guns." - Jay

"Just want to thank support, I was new and they help me out."  -  Roger A